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Modern Equipment

Car Repair Service

We care for your car.

We all just love our cars until they get repaired. Time takes a toll on every car. It’s common that every part of the car will need a repair or replacement at a point of time. Chennai Car Care offers comprehensive car repair service and replacement services to give you complete convenience while driving for long miles. 

In case of any unforeseen situation, when your car breaks down and stops working, experts at Chennai Car Care provide perfect assistance & service your car requires. Our professional mechanical team caters to every type of car repair and gives the right solution to your car’s functional issues. 

We provide periodic maintenance services which help your car run smoothly. Our car mechanic team has experience in handling every type & brand of car namely Hyundai, TATA , Ford, Audi, Honda & Mahindra etc. Our technical assistance extends to ensure perfect functioning of the car for smooth driving and longer life of the vehicle. The model & make of every car differs but our expert team understands every car working pattern and prescribes regular services at right intervals as per the need of your car.

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Modern Equipment

How to pick the right car repair services in chennai

Best among the Best for your Car Repair

Car repairs can be difficult and complicated to assess. Our wide range of car repair services are quite affordable. We offer multiple services in various packages at our workstation- 

  • Customized Car Repairs
  • Replacement of Brake Pad 
  • Car Transmission & Clutch Replacement
  • Suspension Repair service
  • Shocker Repairs
  • car scratch repair
  • Car AC Repairs
  • car glass repair
  • car dent repair
  • car paint repair
  • Car bumper repair
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Car Engine Overhaul
Connect with our expert team @ +91 744887 6665 / +91 962672 7777

I'm fortunate to have found the best car wash service station, with excellent service and amazing offers. The staff here are  professional and provided a great washing & detailing service for my car. I am happy with their service and the quality.

Mr Rajesh
Kia Seltos

It is one of the best service centers for your car in chennai.They clean your car's interior & exterior to clear all dust & dirt and give importance to every detail in your car. My car had a fresh new look with their car cleaning service.

Mr Ashish sen
Toyota Yaris

The Staff and technicians here are very helpful and friendly. They are undoubtedly the best in washing & servicing your cars with quick turnaround time. Get good service and look for your car here. Highly professional Team.

Ms Sushma
Skoda Rapid

The prices at this place for various car service packages are reasonable and extremely value for the money. The mechanics here offer best quality service for your car. Got the car polish done here & would definitely recommend it to all.

Mr Seema
Mahindra Bolero

Recently I had taken my car for a wash and the fast , clean and professional service here impressed me.  The quality of service is highly worthy for the affordable price they offer. An excellent service by the professional mechanics- Good Job.

Ms Rita
Hyundai Creta

Check Benefits Of CCC – The Car Repair Service In Chennai

Wide range of services for all your car needs!!

Here are specific services offered at our Car repair Shop –  Chennai Car Care

Regular Maintenance Services

Choose prevention rather than cure with our Regular Car Maintenance service. Regular checking and maintenance will not just improve the performance of the car but also helps you in avoiding unnecessary breakdowns at unexpected times. We offer professional maintenance services for all car brands at affordable rates. We focus on giving high quality services, right spare parts and best rates to our customers. 

Running Repair

We also offer an extensive running car repair service to resolve any damage or partial replacement requirements in the car. We trust that proper inspection  & premium quality spare parts always helps in delivering the best car repair services. We fix all the running repairs including repairs associated with electrical, fuel, steering, transmission, brakes and more. 

Body Repair

Chennai Car Care provides exclusive body repair services which meets all the requirements of your car body. A small scratch or a big dent, our technical team handles body repairs with care. So why worry , drive your car to us and leave with a car that looks fresh & new.

Car Wash 

Our extensive car wash services are available in various packages and are highly cost effective too. Drive down your car to our workstation and give your car a new experience that it regains its new look again. 

Wheel Alignment

Are you wondering where to get your car wheel repair done? Our excellent wheel alignment service team provides best technical advice and repair services. We offer wheel repair services in various packages to best suit your vehicle’s requirements. 

AC Service

A perfectly serviced air conditioner  always has a better lifetime. We are specialized in car ac repair and maintenance services. We use the best technical skills and advanced devices to boost the complete capacity of your car’s air conditioner and help it last longer.

Break repair

Brakes are an important part of your car for safe driving. We offer brake service maintenance with professional solutions for the entire brake system including brake pads, brake fluid and rotors. Our team provides the best car services for both new anti-lock brakes and old models. 

Steering & suspension repair

When the suspension is affected, you will not be able to move the vehicle & steer. So if your car shows any steering or suspension issue , call us immediately @ 7448876665 /  744887 9995. Our technical team will assist you in repairing the suspension system components with advanced techniques & tools.

Heating & cooling system repair

Do you know that overheating is one of the major causes of mechanical breakdowns on the road? Overheating causes severe damage to your car engine & transmission. Get your car for regular maintenance service to us, to keep the vehicle radiator, cooling system and fluids in check. Our certified technicians are always available to help you in any heating and cooling system repair. 

Exhaust & mufflers repair

The complete exhaust system is connected with your vehicle through hangers and clamps. These fasteners may rust and tend to break or loose. So if you detect any failure in clamps or hangers or experience any severe damage in your exhaust system, reach out to our technical team who is always ready to assist you with advanced repair solutions.

Headlight restoration

Remember to keep your headlights in good working condition to keep yourself and others on the road safe while driving. There is also a legal responsibility to keep your vehicle roadworthy. Any concerns regarding the brightness, functionality of the headlight, headlight replacement, connect with our mechanical team for headlight restoration services. 

Any further details on Car repair works carried out our Workshop Kindly contact @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

Modern Equipment

Connect with the best car repair garage

Reflection of Perfection in Car Repair

Maintaining your car’s health is always your interest. Usually cars that are taken good care perform well and outlast others. When something is “Off” in your car , don’t think just drive to Chennai Car Care, your best car repair garage in the city .Our Expert team and technicians will analyze the car and offer complete service from regular maintenance to major car repair work. 

Chennai car Care offers hassle free car service experience . You will be rightly serviced with perfect car service. Look no further book your car service call now @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777


Why We are Best Car Repair Shop

Car Repair with Trusted Care


At Chennai Car Care, our team provides a complete report and details of which service is required for your car and also we give you a reason why you should opt for that service. We promise you 100% trust and reliability for every service offered by us. So relax and park your car with us for every service!


We are a multi-brand car repair shop with better prices for services than other OEM workshops. We focus on resolving the customer’s service request at the best possible way at highly affordable rates.

Quality Spare Parts

We assure to use only authentic spare parts of high quality. Irrespective of your car brand, we offer the best spare parts for every car model. If applicable, we give you the warranty for those spare parts. 

Pick up & Drop service

We never miss to provide convenient service at all times. Wherever you are our team will reach you to drive your car , perform complete repair & maintenance service and drive back home.

Connect with us & book your car repair service @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

We are not just a car repair shop—we are a complete car care service. Our list of services is extensive, and we offer everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. We want our clients to feel like they have a place to go for all their car needs, so we work hard to provide excellent customer service and thorough diagnostics with every visit.

We service all kinds of cars: sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, hatchbacks, and station wagons. We also service hybrids, electric vehicles, and more! As long as it’s a car, we can help you out.

We recommend you come in every six months or so to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

We fix anything that might be wrong with your vehicle. Come in for a diagnostic test if you think something’s up.

We take care of everything from start to finish. During a wash, our attendants stay in constant communication with one another so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

It depends on what exactly we’re fixing and how much business we have—but in general, we really try to take care of you as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

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