Car Foam Washing

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    Our end to end reliable service ensures our process simpler .
  • Modern Equipment
    We have the most up-to-date equipment to give your car the shine it deserves.
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    We'll keep your car looking great with our full car cleaning system!
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    In our car park cleaning products, we only use the safest, most environmentally friendly products.
Modern Equipment

Car Foam Wash Services

Chennai Car Care is a revolutionary car service center in Car cleaning , Car Preventive Maintenance and detailing industry. Wondering if we offer only in and out car wash –  Get ready to be surprised with our complete car wash, repair & maintenance services. 

At Chennai Car Care, We respect every car owner’s desire & give your car our complete attention & care. Our vision is to offer High Quality-Flexible services @ Reasonable Prices.

We offer one of the best car water wash services in Chennai. Our motto is to provide quality service & timely delivery of every vehicle coming in for car cleaning at our workshop. We are one of the few best car wash near perumbakkam offering full service car wash which focuses on customer satisfaction & cleaning perfection. 

Our expert mechanics and trained staff have been devising the perfect solutions for best foam car wash in chennai to bring out the sparkling clean appearance in your car. 

Experience High Performance & Embrace the Perfect Appearance of Your Car – Only @ Chennai Car Care. 

Reach out to us +91 744887 6665 / +91 962672 7777
Get Any Service And Avail Upto 25% Offer!
Modern Equipment

Specialities of our car washing services

Car washing services include car interior cleaning & exterior cleaning services. Our focus is to restore the cleanliness and give your car a look better than ever before.

  • Impressive Interior

Intense Car Interior Cleaning with suction vacuuming & foam cleaning techniques. We use special accessories to clean every nook and give a fresh new look to the car.

  • Ready To Shine

We offer the best exterior foam car wash in chennai with the latest technologies and advanced products in car cleaning.

  • Disinfection

Sanitizing the complete car is a significant part of our full service car wash and we follow a unique sanitization procedure which is also part of our Anti-Bacterial Treatment.

  • Detailing Glow

Rubbing removes stains and marks on the surface of the car. Give your car a clean & clear look with our best car wash near perumbakkam.

Connect with our professional team +91 744887 6665 / +91 962672 7777
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I'm fortunate to have found the best car wash service station, with excellent service and amazing offers. The staff here are  professional and provided a great washing & detailing service for my car. I am happy with their service and the quality.

Mr Rajesh
Kia Seltos

It is one of the best service centers for your car in chennai.They clean your car's interior & exterior to clear all dust & dirt and give importance to every detail in your car. My car had a fresh new look with their car cleaning service.

Mr Ashish sen
Toyota Yaris

The Staff and technicians here are very helpful and friendly. They are undoubtedly the best in washing & servicing your cars with quick turnaround time. Get good service and look for your car here. Highly professional Team.

Ms Sushma
Skoda Rapid

The prices at this place for various car service packages are reasonable and extremely value for the money. The mechanics here offer best quality service for your car. Got the car polish done here & would definitely recommend it to all.

Mr Seema
Mahindra Bolero

Recently I had taken my car for a wash and the fast , clean and professional service here impressed me.  The quality of service is highly worthy for the affordable price they offer. An excellent service by the professional mechanics- Good Job.

Ms Rita
Hyundai Creta

How we do the best car cleaning?

Our magic for your Clean Car.

  • Deep Foam Cleaning

Super high foaming car wash to wash away the dust, dirt & stains is an ideal process. The foam based product cleanses and disinfects the interior of the car, boosts up the aesthetics of the car. Every surface of the car, accessories, seat, glasses and carpets are cleaned using foam to give a crystal clear look. We at Chennai Car Care use uniquely formulated products to give your car a pristine look. 

  • Perfect Polishing

Polishing brings out the spark in your car and gives a bright appearance. Give your car a perfect finish look with right buffing & polishing to scrub away the scratches , defects, etching & oxidation. Give your car a fresh shine and safe protection. Dashboard cleaning and polishing is done with perfection for every car @ Chennai Car Care.

  • Engine washing

Did you ever know your engine needs a wash too? Yes, our experts at Chennai Car Care give your engine a good clean with hot water & advanced cleaning procedures. Excess sludge deposits in the engine may result in high fuel wastage, loss of horsepower and engine failure.

So dissolve the deposits such as grime & grease on the surfaces of the engine today. 

  • Neat & Clean Foot Mats

Dirt, grease oil and other dusty substances travel with your shoes and inevitably end up in your car mats. Over time, these mats turn dirty and have no visual appeal. So car foot mats require proper cleaning with all the accumulated dust, dirt & germs. Our cleaning experts wash, clean and dry the foot mats for fresh use.  It’s easy to  maintain the look of floor mats with regular cleaning & maintenance with full service car wash @ Chennai Car Care.

  • Spick & Span Foam Washes

We use premium products to give your car a perfect foam wash to wash away all the minute dust particles. Our experienced professionals use the latest equipment & advanced products to give your car a clean & shine look. Your car sparkles after the best foam car wash in chennai @ Chennai Car Care. 

  • Cleansing tray & vents

Air pollutants are so high in our surroundings that cleaning air vents is part of our cleaning. Delaying the cleaning of trays & vents in your car may increase pollutant deposits which may cause health problems. Get away with the lingering smoke odor in the car & breathe fresh while you drive with clean air vents & ash tray after in & out car wash at our service station. 

Complete Car Water Wash in Chennai

We Cover your Complete Car Care

At Chennai Car Care, we offer foam car cleaning services by forming a blanket of foam over your car using the cleaning agent. This is also known as snow car wash as the leathered appearance over the car is thick as snow. Our foam cleaning helps in breaking down and removing the dirt over the car’s surface after which we perform an effective car cleaning process. 

Car Cleaning Services with Guaranteed Happiness !

  • Advanced formulation to wash away dirt particles from your car.
  • Effective foam wash for smooth surface. 
  • Our foam technology prevents cross contamination
  • Best services for your car cleaning requirements
  • Ontime car cleaning services everytime 
  • Extra Shine with protective cleaning services

No More Dirty Cars – Get the best car cleaning in chennai

Give your car the Perfect Look & Pristine Shine every time with Chennai Car Care. 

Most Affordable Prices for Car Cleaning services is Just a Call Away. 

Clean Cars with No Stain & Only Shine  – Call us Today 

 @ +91 7448876665 /  962672 7777

Our Services

We are not just a car repair shop—we are a complete car care service. Our list of services is extensive, and we offer everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. We want our clients to feel like they have a place to go for all their car needs, so we work hard to provide excellent customer service and thorough diagnostics with every visit.

We service all kinds of cars: sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, hatchbacks, and station wagons. We also service hybrids, electric vehicles, and more! As long as it’s a car, we can help you out.

We recommend you come in every six months or so to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

We fix anything that might be wrong with your vehicle. Come in for a diagnostic test if you think something’s up.

We take care of everything from start to finish. During a wash, our attendants stay in constant communication with one another so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

It depends on what exactly we’re fixing and how much business we have—but in general, we really try to take care of you as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

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