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Gear up your car’s performance!

The car engine is one of the highly valuable parts in the car. It could also be the reason you chose the car. 

People spend thousands of rupees on the car service including maintaining the paint and interior, tyre maintenance and all other services involving good upkeep of the car’s appearance and performance. 

After a few years of owning the vehicle and thousands of miles drive,  have you wondered what will be the performance of your engine? The answer to this quest is choosing the right car engine service center & checking your engine performance regularly.

Many people don’t service their car engine regularly as they don’t understand its importance. Actually, Car engine wash boosts up the performance of the car engine to a reasonable extent. Remember to book your car engine service at a professional workstation like Chennai car care to enjoy the finest results. Here at Chennai Car Care get your car engine serviced by expert professionals at affordable rates .

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Modern Equipment

Experience The Best Car Engine Repair In Chennai

Maintain to Sustain The Performance

Did you know that maintenance of an engine is more than just changing the engine oil? Get relaxed as you drive your car for a car engine repair to Chennai Car Care as we perform complete inspection of the engine and advise the right oil changing interval schedule. Our experts alert you on safety concerns and leaks, if any which would help you with good maintenance of the engine and avoid unnecessary expense on repairs. Maintaining a car engine will help you save money during car services and avoid unexpected breakdowns on the road. 

Preventive maintenance of a car engine helps you to avoid costly engine repairs. Replacing an engine in the car is quite expensive and our experts help you avoid it with the right care for your engine at every car service. We care for your engine’s health quite seriously and ensure that your engine is working to its best capabilities to help your car perform at its best.

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I'm fortunate to have found the best car wash service station, with excellent service and amazing offers. The staff here are  professional and provided a great washing & detailing service for my car. I am happy with their service and the quality.

Mr Rajesh
Kia Seltos

It is one of the best service centers for your car in chennai.They clean your car's interior & exterior to clear all dust & dirt and give importance to every detail in your car. My car had a fresh new look with their car cleaning service.

Mr Ashish sen
Toyota Yaris

The Staff and technicians here are very helpful and friendly. They are undoubtedly the best in washing & servicing your cars with quick turnaround time. Get good service and look for your car here. Highly professional Team.

Ms Sushma
Skoda Rapid

The prices at this place for various car service packages are reasonable and extremely value for the money. The mechanics here offer best quality service for your car. Got the car polish done here & would definitely recommend it to all.

Mr Seema
Mahindra Bolero

Recently I had taken my car for a wash and the fast , clean and professional service here impressed me.  The quality of service is highly worthy for the affordable price they offer. An excellent service by the professional mechanics- Good Job.

Ms Rita
Hyundai Creta

Know about car engine replacement

Need a change- We will do it!!

At Chennai Car Care, our rich experience in car engine repair has given shape to our expert team in offering the best engine replacement & maintenance service. Our perfect replacement & maintenance services help you in driving thousands of miles seamlessly. We offer many types of car engine repair services and also provide car engine replacement services for all types of cars.

Our motto is to make every customer understand the essential care and significance of maintenance to avoid unnecessary engine repairs or replacement. We take pride in supporting many car owners have a safe and reliable drive over 2,00,000 miles without any major repairs in the engine with perfect service and maintenance advice- 

Car oil service-Our experts recommend car oil service every 3,000 miles while you use standard oil . When you go beyond the recommended service interval excess sludge builds up in sensitive parts of the engine. This may cause damage in internal engine bearings, variable valve timing components, engine valves, camshafts, and many other internal parts. This can lead to car oil leak repair which is also handled professionally by our team. And It can be avoided if you consider following our expert’s maintenance advice. 

Car Engine Tune up– Most of the engines are made of platinum & iridium tipped spark plugs which are estimated to have a lifetime of 1,00,000 miles. However, in our experience, we recommend changing these plugs after 60,000 miles as this will help in avoiding the stress worn out plugs put on the remaining ignition system such as coils, control modules and spark plug wires. 

Timing Belt- Timing belts in cars are usually made up of rubber and help in syncing the camshaft and valve with the pistons. We advise you to replace the timing belt before it gets damaged as it would help you save unnecessary expense. Generally, manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt after 60,000 to 90,000 miles so make sure to tell us when was the last time you changed the belt when you park your car with us for car engine service. 

Timing Chain- A timing chain is present in place of a timing belt in many cars. It is made up of steel and It is coated with oil lubrication. Although there isn’t any recommended replacement time for the chain, the tensioners and guides that keep it in place wear out over time. Our specialists inspect and advise the chain along with guides & tensioners after 1,00,000 miles drive to avoid expensive car engine repair if it fails suddenly. 

Water Pump– All the internal combustion engines functioning today use water to circulate as coolant to keep the engine cool under recommended temperature range. If your car comes with a timing belt , it is advised for engine coolant replacement when you change to a time belt as it is hidden and driven by the belt. Generally engines with timing chains have a quite evident water pump and our experts check it while cleaning the car engine and recommend a change before it completely fails.  This is one of the main reasons it is good to get your car engine oil check on a routine basis. As our experts analyze your vehicle during engine car wash every 3,000 miles they will thoroughly check every part of the engine and help you maintain it in its best condition.

Head Gasket Repair- When your head gasket overheats, it lets out excess heat and leads to expansion & warp of metal components. This causes leakage of head gasket seals within the engine block and cylinder heads.  Head Gasket helps in keeping the engine oil, engine coolant and high pressure cylinder combustion from getting together. It is better to avoid and maintain perfect engine tune up because any mix up may cause engine complications. 

So it is highly important to maintain your engine with professional engine cleaning & car radiator cleaning  to avoid overheating due to coolant leakage, damaged radiator or  blown radiator hose. Every time your vehicle is bought for service, our expert mechanics check for all possible failures in your engine to avoid unexpected emergencies. Such regular checks help in overcoming expensive car engine repair, an overheating engine may cause.  At any time while driving if you see an engine temperature warning light, make sure to stop your vehicle immediately to avoid major engine damage  as car engine replacement is too expensive and best if avoided & prevented. We help you maintain the car engine with professional engine cleaning & engine tune up – Book your slot for regular engine check ups @ +91 7448876665 / +91 962672 7777

Modern Equipment

Increase efficiency of engine with effective car tune up

Tune up your engine for smooth driving

Regular engine tune-up build power and efficiency in your car’s engine.  At Chennai Car Care, we visually check every engine component and replace engine parts which includes spark plugs and fuel filters, if required. 

After your professional car engine tuning by our experts, you will experience the engine runs smoother with high efficiency and also starts easier. A regular engine tune up also helps in lowering emissions, improving fuel economy and restoring lost power.

Taking your car for a regular car tune up as per recommendation by the manufacturer, please make sure that you are investing in the long term health of your engine and saving time & money. At Chennai Car Care we value your time & money and give the best engine tune up service – call us to know more- +91 7448876665 /  962672 7777.


How to know whether your car needs car engine cleaning service?

Keep a check on your engine & maintain it clean

Is your vehicle in need of car engine cleaning service? Here is how it gives you the signal-

  • Knocking noise
  • Excess exhaust smoke
  • Low performance
  • Rough idle
  • See if Engine Warning Light is on

To keep your car engine performance in check , get your car for regular car engine oil change or for cleaning car engine from our experts to analyze and help you maintain the engine at its best.The engine being a highly complex system, it is quite important to take for scheduled maintenance and keep a check on engine lights to ensure that we don’t end up in expense car engine repair. At Chennai Car Care , our qualified mechanical team offers comprehensive engine maintenance service to ensure the engine works & performs in its capacity all the time.

We cover the following engine maintenance service for best quality car engine at all times-

  • Replacement & inspection of Spark plugs 
  • Inspection of every engine part
  • Checking Ignition system
  • Cleaning Air and fuel filter
  • Crankcase Check 
  • Checking Ignition wires

For more details reach us @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

We are not just a car repair shop—we are a complete car care service. Our list of services is extensive, and we offer everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. We want our clients to feel like they have a place to go for all their car needs, so we work hard to provide excellent customer service and thorough diagnostics with every visit.

We service all kinds of cars: sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, hatchbacks, and station wagons. We also service hybrids, electric vehicles, and more! As long as it’s a car, we can help you out.

We recommend you come in every six months or so to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

We fix anything that might be wrong with your vehicle. Come in for a diagnostic test if you think something’s up.

We take care of everything from start to finish. During a wash, our attendants stay in constant communication with one another so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

It depends on what exactly we’re fixing and how much business we have—but in general, we really try to take care of you as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

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