Car Dent Repair

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Car Dent Repair

Goodbye Dents & Scratches!

There are certain things in life which you can’t avoid, one such thing is car dent and paint scratch. However safe you are there is always a probability for damage. Such damages may cause a scratch on the car’s surface or create a dent on the car body. Such incidents not only upsets you but also gives a dull look for your car. No more worries, we have the best solutions for car dent & paint. Our solutions to fix dent in cars include bumper dent repair, car door dent repair,car body dent repair,dent scratch repair and more. However when your car gets a first dent or one of the many dings on the body, one thing that strikes you first is to find a car denting near me or car dent repair nearby.

We are one of the dent removal service shops near Perumbakkam offering various dent removing services under affordable rates in flexible packages. Visit Chennai Car Care, your car denting painting shop where you can avail all advanced services at much affordable rates done by expert mechanics. All you have to do is just book your car for dent repair service@+91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

We use the market’s best denting technology so with the help of the latest techniques and tools our expert team skillfully work on the dent and remove it.

Book your car scan service @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777
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Modern Equipment

Why Car Dent Painting ?

Give your car a fresh new look

Wondering how to resolve when the paint has been scrubbed off deep over the car’s surface? Don’t worry, our car dent painting service can give your car an original paint finish. Our experts touch up the paint and give an even look over the surface. Prior to painting we work on the dents and then remove it. By giving utmost importance to every detail on the dented surface, our mechanics coat a final paint on the affected portion. That will give your car a clear look and perfect finish. Call us to know more @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

Connect with our expert team @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

I'm fortunate to have found the best car wash service station, with excellent service and amazing offers. The staff here are  professional and provided a great washing & detailing service for my car. I am happy with their service and the quality.

Mr Rajesh
Kia Seltos

It is one of the best service centers for your car in chennai.They clean your car's interior & exterior to clear all dust & dirt and give importance to every detail in your car. My car had a fresh new look with their car cleaning service.

Mr Ashish sen
Toyota Yaris

The Staff and technicians here are very helpful and friendly. They are undoubtedly the best in washing & servicing your cars with quick turnaround time. Get good service and look for your car here. Highly professional Team.

Ms Sushma
Skoda Rapid

The prices at this place for various car service packages are reasonable and extremely value for the money. The mechanics here offer best quality service for your car. Got the car polish done here & would definitely recommend it to all.

Mr Seema
Mahindra Bolero

Recently I had taken my car for a wash and the fast , clean and professional service here impressed me.  The quality of service is highly worthy for the affordable price they offer. An excellent service by the professional mechanics- Good Job.

Ms Rita
Hyundai Creta

Why choose our car painting services

Best Care for Your Car 

One of the well known and effective practices nowadays in dent removal is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). Our mechanics are Paintless Dent Removal specialists and they work on the dent repair with focus to every detail for giving utmost perfection. This technique has various benefits over the traditional practices-

  • Retain the original paint- We help you retain the original factory paint. Nothing can give you the real original look better than it. It’s good for your car, better for the environment and definitely easy on your pocket too.
  • No more matching shades- As we focus on working with the original paint and try to do the car paint repair, there is no worry about matching paint shades or cracking fillers.
  • Manufacturer warranty maintained- Our car body paint repair helps you be covered under the insurance even after the dent service as we don’t respray over the original paint. Any respray will not be covered under manufacturer paint warranty and the factory will do an in-depth test in the event of claim.
  • Fast & Comfortable Our mechanic team resolves car dent and paint removal service in a few hours. Small car dent repair or luxury car dent, we get it fixed perfectly in the shortest possible time.
  • Cost Effective- Paintless dent repair is much more cost effective when compared to car body dent repair.  Our services focus on value for customer money and time.
  • Environmentally friendly-  We try to follow eco friendly practices in our repair services carried out at our workstation. We use no sanding, grinding or spraying techniques. Chemical usage is quite minimal or nil in the majority of our car dent repair services.

For further details, call us @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777.

Modern Equipment

Reach us for your car tinkering & painting

Are you concerned about the dents on your car? Are you thoughtful about the expensive price for car tinkering & painting repairs? At, Chennai Car Care, Our experts analyze the car completely and give you an estimate on the expense involved in car dent and paint repair. Our dent estimator specialist helps you get an idea about the approximate expense involved to fix the car and give you complete details on car door dent repair, bumper dent repair, dent scratch repair to help you plan your car services.

So if your car requires any denting and painting service, connect with our team now @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777

 . We help you understand the service required, offer the right service package at an affordable cost. 


When do I go for scratch and dent repair ?

Know the need for car makeover

Are you thinking about a solution for the damaged steel surface as it’s pushed in hugely and wrinkled?

In such scenarios, popping out the dent in its original shape over the affected surface is done using professional technique by our specialist mechanics. Our team uses a rubber plunger and tries repeatedly in a professional style till the metal pops back to normal shape.

Another major dent repair that worries a car owner is multiple dents over the steel portion or the plastic bumper. Our expert team with rich experience in car body dent repair uses a hammering method by placing a flat metal piece on the exterior and banging the dent from within using a flat hammer. It is a simple technique used by our team to get the dents cleared. We treat car dent and paint scratches carefully and skillfully and never try to cover it using a filler or new paint. Here we provide various options for every dent repair and scratch proofing method. Our specialized team has the capacity to treat car dent painting and car dent removal services on metal or plastic parts of your car. Connect with us for your car denting repair @ +91 7448876665 / 962672 7777.

Our Services

We are not just a car repair shop—we are a complete car care service. Our list of services is extensive, and we offer everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. We want our clients to feel like they have a place to go for all their car needs, so we work hard to provide excellent customer service and thorough diagnostics with every visit.

We service all kinds of cars: sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, hatchbacks, and station wagons. We also service hybrids, electric vehicles, and more! As long as it’s a car, we can help you out.

We recommend you come in every six months or so to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

We fix anything that might be wrong with your vehicle. Come in for a diagnostic test if you think something’s up.

We take care of everything from start to finish. During a wash, our attendants stay in constant communication with one another so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

It depends on what exactly we’re fixing and how much business we have—but in general, we really try to take care of you as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

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